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Harry Fig's Cartoon Boston
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Harry Fig’s Cartoon Boston
20th Anniversary Collection

Inspired by the popular comic strip that appears in the Sunday Boston Globe, this collection contains 20 years worth of the very best Harry Fig cartoons. Fig's adventures offer a witty insider's view of all the stuff that makes life in Boston so wikkid bizahh! Words and pickchiz by Peter Wallace.

The Boston Handbook - Illustrated by Peter Wallace

The Boston Handbook

Your in-depth guide to the oddities of Boston: chowdah, blizzids, the Sawx, and more! Ahtwork by Peter Wallace.

Home Sweet Home Portfolio Harry Fig Books by Peter Wallace

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The Boston Dictionary - Illustrated by Peter Wallace

The Boston Dictionary

This book is an invaluable guide to the correct pronunciation of the world-famous Bawstin accent. In no time you can sound like a native speeka from Southie! Filled with cahtoons by Peter Wallace.

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